Álex and Marc Marquez "sign" for Mondraker

Mountain bike 2 feb. 2021 16:02 Migue A.

In total they have 10 World Championships in motorcycling, 2 for Álex and 8 for Marc, and they have just "signed" for Mondraker. The Marquez brothers' love of mountain biking was already well known and from now on we will see them training on two exclusive Mondraker F-Podium SL bikes customised by the brand for the two riders.

The Marquez brothers join Mondraker

We already know how important dorsal numbers are for motorcycling riders, and the characteristic 93 of Marc Marquez, which has been with him since he won the first of his 10 World Championships and the 73 of Álex, 3 years younger than Marc and already with three world titles in Moto 2 and Moto 3, now we will also see them on their exclusive Mondraker F-Podium SL with which they will train this year.

The competitive nature of the Marquez brothers accompanies them in every sport they practise, and we have already seen them on more than one occasion pushing themselves to the maximum on a mountain bike. In fact, cycling and MTB tend to be a common complement among most motorcycling riders.

Marc and Álex received their personalised Mondraker F-Podium SL bikes from Miguel Pina (Mondraker CEO) and Yuriy Tomas (Mondraker Marketing Director), who came to Cervera to deliver them. Both Marc and Álex were enthusiastic about their new bike and its aesthetics. 

Marc, despite being injured for the whole season, was very happy with his new bike and commented: "Unfortunately I haven't been able to test it yet because of the injury but aesthetically it is spectacular. The shapes of the tubes give the F-Podium a unique personality and it's beautiful. We're going to enjoy it a lot".

For his part, Alex was very happy: "I felt fantastic on the Mondraker F-Podium SL. It's a very light bike and feels very agile. I can also say that it's fun and I would highlight the absorption it has. It's a bike that is great pleasure to ride".

Miguel Pina, the CEO of Mondraker commented: "We are proud that both Marc and Alex will be riding our bikes. Mondraker's DNA and especially the F-Podium SL is racing and efficiency at the highest level, so we hope it will be a good tool for their training. We are sure they will enjoy it as much as we enjoy watching them win Grand Prix races"

On the other hand, Marc and Álex's personal assistants will enjoy their own versions of the F-Podiums. Somewhat more discreet than those of the two Márquez brothers, but with details that link them to each of the riders. In this case, Marc's assistant will enjoy a more classic predominant colour with red details, while in the version of Álex's personal assistant, blue tones predominate.

It is undoubtedly great news that both Marc and Álex Márquez have decided to join the Mondraker family, as until recently Specialized seemed to be the only brand present among motorcycling riders.


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