All the equipment that Emily Batty will use to cross Iceland in bikepacking

Mountain bike 18 ago. 2020 10:08 Migue A.

In just over 10 days, Canadian Emily Batty along with a small group of cyclists will ride through Iceland from one end to the other in bikepacking. A full-blown adventure because even though it's summer, Iceland is a tough island to ride for so long and they will do it in self-sufficiency. Emily herself shows us all the equipment she will carry and what is most surprising about the chosen bike.

Emily Batty shows us all the equipment she'll use to cross Iceland

Starting with the most important part of the material, we are surprised that Emily Batty has chosen a Trek Supercaliber to ride on a 10-day route through Iceland. This is a very specific mountain bike for XC that does not seem to fit into the canons of bikepacking, where more relaxed geometry bikes are preferred. In addition, it will do it using the SRAM electronic gearbox, a risky bet since the low temperatures could quickly end up with the batteries. As a solution it will take up to 3 extra batteries and the charger.

It seems that Emily has preferred to use the mountain bike she knows best and with which she will have to compete in World Championship and World Cups only three weeks after her trip. We can say that she has chosen the confidence offered by her equipment without being carried away by the fear of mechanical problems.

As for the rest of the material, it will be distributed among a handlebar bag, a saddle bag, two bags in the fork and a frame bag. In this case, the geometry of the Supercaliber allows it to take advantage of almost the entire surface of the central hole. In addition to all the equipment and items typical of an adventure like this, Emily highlights two important points of its material: a foam roller and food.As she herself explains, after any training session -and she is used to a session of at least 45 minutes dedicated to muscle recovery- and this along with her food is something she cannot neglect during this trip since 20 days after it ends she must be at 100% to compete in the World Cup.

The entire tour will be recorded for what looks like a future documentary, so we'll keep an eye out and keep up to date with this adventure.


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