Do you suffer from headaches when you train? Is there anything to worry about?

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Although we have to live with our body all of our lives, there are still certain signals that it emits that we are not able to perceive or translate correctly. Any sportsman knows what we' re talking about. There are small symptoms that are ignored and important, and others that are totally harmless and yet arouse concern. Today we are going to look at some reasons why headaches appear when we train and when we need to worry.

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Common causes of headaches when cycling

Headache is common among cyclists and other athletes, but why? As with almost everything in this life, there's not just one reason. When doing any kind of exercise our internal pressure increases, in the core, and this can increase the intracranial pressure causing an annoying headache.

If you're susceptible to headaches, simply increasing your heart rate by pedaling and releasing endorphins can also cause this common pain.

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Cycling on very bright days (don't underestimate cloudy days) without eye protection can also trigger a headache that you'll have to deal with.

Other very common factors are dehydration or low blood sugar, if you neglect these aspects your body can quickly try to communicate with an unpleasant headache.

In general, these common headaches can be associated with continued intense exercise and their effects will pass in 6 hours or less from the time you finish pedaling. So we can say that these causes are the most common ones and some of them just need to be watched to avoid it.

A headache not to be overlooked

But there is a type of headache that we cannot ignore as it is highly dangerous and can lead to the death of the sportsman or woman. An aneurysm is a weakness in one of the blood vessels of the brain, when an aneurysm breaks (intense physical exercise can be a trigger) it produces an intense headache that those who have suffered it describe as the worst headache in the world. This pain can be felt in the back of the eyes and may be accompanied by double vision, vomiting, seizures, or loss of consciousness. In this case it is vital to seek medical attention.

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In case you suffer a very intense headache out of the ordinary, it is more than advisable to go to the doctor and let him be the one who values the importance of each particular case.


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