Outbraker Power Booster, an accessory to improve the power of your hydraulic brakes

Mountain bike 2 jun. 2020 16:06 Migue A.

The Outbraker brand is used to bringing out products with which to configure and improve our hydraulic brakes, and this time it comes with the Power Booster, a component with which we can adjust the braking power in our hydraulic brakes.

Outbraker Power Booster, an universal booster for hydraulic brakes

The OutBraker Brake Power Booster mechanism consists of interposing a second adjustable hydraulic reservoir tank just before the brake lever. This tank can be easily opened or closed to modify the feel and braking capacity.

This is a universal system that works with any brand of brake and even on road bikes, in which case the system is installed next to the brake caliper instead of on the lever.

The OutBraker Brake Power Booster has a dial which, when turned in either direction, opens or closes the hydraulic flow of the system, thus modifying the braking power and the feel itself. When closing the reservoir, the braking power increases from the first section of the lever, but if you want to reduce a possible blocking of the wheels or extend the life of the pads, the system can be opened to have a more progressive braking.

Made of aluminium and steel the OutBraker Brake Power has a declared weight of 22g and the brand ensures that it increases the original braking power by up to 180%.

Outbraker Power Booster 


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