Koretzky competed in the Leogang Short Track wearing road cycling shoes

Mountain bike 13 jun. 2021 00:06 Migue A.

The circuit where the Leogang World Cup Short Track was held was a bit different from what we were used to in other events. And some riders wanted to try new strategies in terms of equipment, like the Frenchman Victor Koretzky who chose to ride with road cycling shoes and pedals.

Victor Koretzky chose road cycling shoes for the XCC in Leogang

Although this is a rather striking move, it's not entirely new. Some mountain bikers, especially XCM riders, sometimes choose to ride road cycling shoes and pedals to take advantage of their light weight, greater stiffness and greater pushing surface.

Obviously they only use them on rare occasions when they know that they will be able to make it all the way without having to put their foot down, as we already know that with road cycling shoes it is practically impossible to walk well on firm ground, so it would be even worse to try to walk with them in the mountains.

Victor Koretzky once again opted for the lightest possible option on his Orbea Alma OMX, which doesn't even have a telescopic seatpost. And on his feet he wore a pair of Mavic Cosmic Ultimate shoes weighing just 200g, the French company's top-of-the-range road cycling shoes. This model is about 100g lighter than its MTB counterpart.


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