New SCOTT Patron eRIDE: hidden shock, maximum integration and the latest from BOSCH with 750Wh battery

Mountain bike 6 sep. 2021 16:09 Migue A.

Integration is taking on a new meaning for SCOTT and each new model surprises us with innovative solutions that are far from the current trends. The Scott Patron eRIDE that has just been presented is a good example of this. A full suspension electric mountain bike that arrives for the first time in its catalogue with the integration of all its components as its flagship.

New SCOTT Patron eRIDE

Just like the new SCOTT Spark 2022, the benchmark XCO mountain bike, the Patron eRIDE has a clean look with the rear shock hidden and integrated. Just like the battery and motor.

Access to the shock absorber is as easy as turning the clip and removing the cover.

La Patron eRide llega como una bicicleta eléctrica de trail fabricada en carbono y diseñada tanto para rodar por rápidas pistas de montaña hasta por senderos técnicos y estrechos entre árboles. Con 160 mm de recorrido delantero y trasero, la marca asegura que desciende como una bicicleta de enduro, pero mantiene la eficiencia de pedaleo de una bicicleta de cross-country gracias al conocido y alabado Sistema Twinloc de SCOTT.

The Patron eRide arrives as a carbon trail e-bike designed for both fast mountain trails and narrow, technical tree-lined trails. With 160mm of front and rear travel, the brand claims that it descends like an enduro bike, but maintains the pedalling efficiency of a cross-country bike thanks to SCOTT's well-known and praised Twinloc System.

Details of the inside of the shock absorber without the protective cap and of the cooling holes in the upper part of the engine

As we say, this is a completely new model that could be placed between the current 160mm Genius eRide and the 180mm Ramson eRide. But this gave the development team the opportunity to rethink the integration and design of the new Patron. This is reflected in the hidden shock absorber in the down tube, integrated cabling from the handlebars, improved geometry and a new Bosch motor with a larger battery, both arranged to allow for maximum power and cooling of the system.

As we saw on the SCOTT Spark 2022, the integration of the shock into the frame is not just an aesthetic issue. More than a design element, the integration of this 160mm shock provides more space for items like the motor, the battery or a water bottle.

Contrary to what you might think, the shock is easily accessible for maintenance and setup, and features TwinLoc remote lockout technology that allows you to choose from the handlebars any of 3 positions; closed, intermediate and open.

New Twinloc and integrated Syncros Hixon iC SL handlebars

The SCOTT Patron eRide features the new Bosch Performance CX motor with 85 Nm, up to 340% assistance and all-new software that amplifies this natural feel. But the motor is key to any E-MTB and on this model it is positioned vertically and at the bottom of the front triangle. The frame itself wraps around the motor for improved integration and protection, while leaving the top of the frame open to the air to optimise cooling.

The perfect complement to the motor is the new 750 Wh Bosch battery and its 20% additional capacity. By designing the SCOTT Patron eRide from scratch, SCOTT has also managed to fit the largest battery on the market without affecting the down tube proportions and to be able to offer the same capacity in all sizes from S to XL.

The brand itself offers a range of data in which you could do up to 100 km or 2000 m of elevation gain in Eco mode or half of it if you prefer the Turbo mode.

But if the integration of elements such as the shock or handlebars seems innovative, the 1-piece carbon stem/handlebar combo, the Syncros Hixon iC SL achieves a practically clean front end even on models with mechanical gears, brakes and seatpost and suspension cables.

Among other details, the bike comes with custom front and rear mudguards and a rear LED light that is powered by the bike's own battery. On the handlebars there is also a connection for the front light. In addition, Syncros has already added components for the Patron eRIDE to its catalogue, such as a kickstand, rear mudguard, rear rack and camera mount.

Prices and availability for the SCOTT Patron eRIDE range

The new SCOTT Patron eRIDE comes in 7 different versions including two women's specific Contessa models.

  • SCOTT Contessa Patron eRIDE 910 6.599 €
  • SCOTT  Contessa Patron eRIDE 900 7.699 €
  • SCOTT  Patron eRIDE 920 5.999 €
  • SCOTT  Patron eRIDE 910 6.599 €
  • SCOTT  Patron eRIDE 900 7.699 €
  • SCOTT  Patron eRIDE 900 Tuned 8.699 €
  • SCOTT Patron eRIDE 900 Ultimate 10.999 €

The Patron eRIDE will be available from November 2021 in shop and more models and assemblies are expected to be available in 2022.


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